Why You Need a Motor Warranty

You have heard about motor warranties – but why do you actually need them? Every year millions of vehicle owners are left in a sticky situation once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, and as a result owners of these cars end up spending an untold fortune in bills and on repairs to their cars.

Vehicles in today’s world cost a tidy sum when things go wrong. Needless to say that charges for labour, alone, is a costly exercise, let alone the price of genuine parts.

Mechanical breakdown failure can and will cost a small fortune, and is perhaps your second most expensive investment you will ever make – that is why there is such a dire need for motor warranties.

At some stage or another chances are you will experience your car breaking down. Because we are so often caught without the necessary funds to fix our cars, having a motor warranty will allay your fears.

Another word for motor warranty is motor insurance and is a policy that will cover certain mechanical issues as and when they occur.

What you should look out for when searching for motor warranties:

  • Find one that includes car hire, travel expenses and hotel cover should you find yourself far from home if your car breaks down.
  • When you take out a motor warranty plan you will be protected from some of the massive costs that will occur when you need them – but be well-informed by reading the fine print.
  • Search for the motor insurance that will protect you against any unpleasant surprises – one that will fit into your budget and not leave you out of pocket at the end of the month.
  • Cutting costs and not having vehicles serviced regularly means that they will not last long - a motor warranty will ensure that this situation is reversed.
  • Motor warranties can offer roadside assistance as well as a towing service – look for one that offers these options.

If the manufacturers motor warranty of your vehicle has expired and your vehicle is under ten years of age, companies are in a position to give you an extended car warranty that will suit your pocket and budget.

There is a definite need for a motor warranty – this should not be a grudge sale as when the chips are down and you find you need a costly repair carried out on your car – your motor warranty will take care of all those unforeseen expenses.

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