Insurance Companies is always on the lookout for new companies to partner with. If you represent an insurance company in South Africa that is not yet present on our site, please fill in the form to the left and a representative will contact you and provide you with further information on joining.

Please Note: Unfortunately we are not able to work with companies that do not have a black box that is able to generate a real-time quote for our users. The aim of is to provide the end user with real-time quotes, which they are then able to compare and make a choice. Our focus is not to simply generate leads for insurance companies to then call and try make a sale. Please don't request a collaboration unless your systems are able to generate real-time quotes.

Thank you for showing an interest in working with us!


  • Save hundreds of rands each month by selecting the cheapest insurance quote.
  • You get the best insurance policy by comparing several quotes.
  • Top insurance companies and brokers compete for your business.
  • Comparing insurance quotes is fast, easy and free.

About our suppliers

Rewards: each of our insurance suppliers have unique rewards catering for their customers.

Promotions: our insurance suppliers are constantly rolling out new promotions.

Free car rentals: some of our suppliers offer free car rental when your car is in for repairs.

Competitive pricing: Ihound suppliers have competitive rates as well as industry leading service.