Affiliate Program

iHound has made it possible for bloggers, media enthusiasts, affiliates and even regular drivers to provide comparative insurance quotes to their customers, readers, subscribers and to get PAID for each lead generated through our affiliate program.

How it works

iHound has 3 affiliate options available to prospective partners:

1) Adding an iHound quote form to your existing website

By simply adding a short piece of html script onto your website you will be able to generate leads for insurance quotes and get paid commission per lead generated. Here is an example of what the affiliate form will look like:

InsuranceHound Affiliate Quote Form

2) Adding an iHound link onto your existing website.

Here is an example of what the affiliate code will look like: < a href="”http:/”" >Insurance Quote< /a>

3) Adding a bumper sticker to your vehicle.

Here is an example of what the affiliate stickers will look like:

                InsuranceHound Bumper Sticker Affiliates Program

Earning money

Making money is easy! Every time one of your referrals accepts an insurance quote thorugh our affiliate program you instantly earn commission. If you have large number of referrals this can be very lucrative and can pay for part or all of your business expenses.

• Payout is R20 - R70 per accepted quote depending on the lead type.
• We pay commission monthly and offer detailed reports.
• Minimum payout is R500

Getting started

If you are interested in our affiliate program, please complete this contact form below.

Do you offer a white labelled system?

Yes. If you or your company would like to provide online insurance quotes directly to your users instead of referring them to our website, then we may be able to provide you with a white labelled system. You will still earn commission and will be able to market the service as your own. However, we only provide this option to websites that have significant numbers of users. Should you be interested in this option please contact us for more details.


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